Improve the screen refresh rate LCD display fluency level directly leap!

Color, brightness, or other factors are often the criteria for purchasing LCD displays. However, in addition to these common indicators, if you want to ensure the smoothness of the display, you must also consider a more in-depth factor, that is, screen refresh. Rate.

Improve the screen refresh rate LCD display fluency level directly leap!

The impact of screen refresh rate on fluency

1: Changes in the frame rate of the screen display

If you have a game experience, you should know that the game has a frame rate standard. The higher the frame rate, the smoothness of the game screen display will be improved accordingly, and as the screen refresh rate increases, the frame rate will naturally increase.

2: Changes in picture clarity

In addition to having an impact on the frame rate of the screen display, the screen refresh rate of the LCD display will also play a decisive role in the clarity of the screen. There have been special reviewers in the industry to compare and conclude that the higher the refresh rate , The picture clarity is better.

Refresh rate standard for display products

1: Home screen

The monitors sold in the market are divided into many types and have different uses. If it is a home display, the screen refresh rate is usually only 60-75HZ, which leads to the applicability of the home display is not too high.

2: Mainstream display

If it is a display screen used for e-sports games, it is generally a mainstream display product nowadays. The screen refresh rate can be stabilized within 100-165HZ, which has a wide range of applicability and can almost meet the needs of most people for the display screen.

3: Professional display

With the continuous development of technology, the pursuit of the display rate of the screen is also constantly improving. In addition to the special needs of the professional field, there are also professional display screens on sale. The refresh rate of this display screen can be as high as 240HZ.

Post time: Sep-06-2021