How to buy an LCD screen?

In our life, the LCD screen is everywhere, so how to buy the most suitable LCD screen?

Display size

Choose the size of the size, the first clear LCD display used in where! Different sizes and dimensions of the LCD screen, the application scenario is not the same.

 LCD screen

Resolution size

Select LCD, resolution is a very important indicator, but do not blindly think that the larger the resolution the better, there are generally the best resolution, in suitable for their own conditions, the LCD screen to show the best image.


Response time

Response time is another very important technical parameter of the LCD screen, if the LCD display response time is long, reflected in the image is prone to dynamic residual images.



When choosing an LCD screen, do not just look at the surface, but also look at the back of the interface, these interfaces directly affect your “investment protection”, so it is very important. HDMI interface is now the only one that can simultaneously transmit audio and video signals of the digital interface, the application of this interface to connect with the device, you can get the best effect.


Pay attention to the screen bad spots

General LCD screen will appear more or less “bright spot”, “bright spot” does not look carefully, it is difficult to detect, so consumers in the purchase, be sure to carefully observe the screen. One of the easiest ways is to let the screen is completely black, in a black to see if there are bright spots. Then let the screen all white, see if there is a black spot.We use fully automatic production lines, and each node has dedicated quality inspection personnel, so you can buy our products with confidence .


Viewing Angle

In the purchase of LCD screen, there is also a problem of viewing angle, when the human eye and the angle of view of the LCD screen is greater than a certain angle, it may cause the screen display is not clear and reflective too large, can not see the screen. Therefore, the larger the viewing angle, the more favorable to view the screen at all angles. We can support all viewing angle and single viewing angle LCD displays to meet our customers’ requirements.


Hot Products

We have more than 13 years experiences at designing and manufacturing small LCD displays from 0.96″ to 13.3″, E-paper, OLED display.We support our products to any customers form all over the world.Here are some hot-selling products below.

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Post time: Sep-16-2022