Epidemic hits the livelihood of Taiwan



Taiwan lift the three-level alert within two weeks.” However, the three-level alert was extended from May 28 to June 14, and then to June 28, and it was said that the good vaccine would arrive in June, and now the DPP authorities have said that it will be July.

The epidemic cannot be controlled for a long time, but the consequences of impacting Taiwan’s economy and people’s livelihood are gradually showing. A few days ago, Taiwan KY Electronic’s Zhunan Factory and Chaofeng Electronics Factory broke out a group of infections of foreign employees. The Taiwan Epidemic Command Center announced on the 5th that a total of 140 people were diagnosed in the two electronics factories. This made the DPP authorities really squeeze a cold sweat.

The electronics industry, especially the chip processing and manufacturing industry, is now Taiwan’s pillar industry. The outbreak of the epidemic in two electronics factories means that the epidemic has eroded and hit Taiwan’s core industries. If it is not controlled well, it will have a major blow to Taiwan’s economic growth this year, and it will also affect the global chip supply. If this happens, it will not only make the DPP authorities’ current predicament worse, but will also jeopardize their externally created personal image.

However, compared to the electronics and chip industries that the DPP authorities took a high look at, the industries that are most directly affected by the impact of the epidemic are those directly related to employment and people’s livelihood.

The first to bear the brunt is the tourism industry. Li Qiyue, a spokesperson for the Travel Industry Quality Assurance Association, said that after the spread of the epidemic in the community, it will be difficult to maintain “zero” for confirmed cases in the future. The problem will not be solved without comprehensive vaccinations. After border control cannot travel abroad, the island’s tourism is now fully integrated. “Return to zero”, the travel agencies in July, August, and September have run out of tour

Post time: Jun-10-2021