Capacitive touch screen, what are the benefits of application

Many people believe that they have seen a variety of touch screens when they are outside. This type of touch screen is generally erected in public places or scenic spots to understand some basic local conditions or the basic function use of the area and the queue status, etc. . And today I’m going to introduce one of the touch screens—capacitive touch screens. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using it.

Capacitive touch screen, what are the benefits of application

1. Current conduction

The working principle of the capacitive touch screen is to conduct electricity. When a person touches the screen, the finger will transmit a very small current to the screen. This current is sensed by the touch screen and can be transmitted to the area where the person wants to point.


And because the operation of the touch screen itself is carried out at a very high current, it is very sensitive to the capture of small currents and can be sensed only by touching it. Therefore, the first advantage of using such a touch screen is that it feels very fast, which is more convenient and quicker than those with slow perception and need to operate for a long time.


2. Smart split screen

Generally speaking, the more elaborately designed capacitive touch screen can achieve the effect of smart split screen, because it has multiple points to operate the screen when it is manipulated. Therefore, the user can see the effect of using the split screen when using it, which can help the user have a better detailed understanding of the area connected to the touch screen.


At the same time, this also means that various functions will be used more quickly, and the intelligent split-screen function can effectively divide the area out, point-to-point operation, and achieve more scientific guidance.

Post time: Jun-29-2021