Advantages of the TFT display screen

TFT display, may not be in contact with the display industry people can not understand why there are so many names, in fact, TFT display is a kind of LCD display, it is light appearance, good display effect, as well as low energy consumption, no radiation and other advantages has occupied the mainstream position of the display.

1. High display quality: Because each point of the TFT LCD screen keeps the color and brightness constantly after receiving the signal, unlike the cathode ray tube display (CRT). As a result, the TFT LCD screen has high picture quality and never flashes, minimizing eye fatigue.

2. No electromagnetic radiation: traditional display material is a phosphor, through the electron beam impact phosphor, electron beam on the phosphor for a moment will produce powerful electromagnetic radiation, although there are many display products on the problem of radiation on the more effective processing, as far as possible to the radiation to a minimum, but is to eliminate is difficult. Relatively speaking, the TFT LCD screen has an innate advantage in preventing radiation, because it has no radiation at all. In terms of electromagnetic wave prevention, TFT LCD display also has its own unique advantages, it adopts the strict sealing technology will be from drive circuit of electromagnetic wave closed in the display, and ordinary display in order to send out the need of heat, must be as much as possible to the internal circuit and air contact, the internal circuit of electromagnetic wave is a lot of outward “leakage”.

3. Large visual area: For the same size display, the TFT LCD visual area is larger. The visual area of the TFT LCD screen is the same as its diagonal size. The display has an inch or so frame around the front panel and is not available for display.

4. Wide range of applications: the original LCD display is usually used to display delicate characters. With the continuous development and progress of liquid crystal display technology, character display began to be delicate, but also support the basic color display, and gradually used in LCD TV, camera LCD display, handheld game console. DS TN and TFT were widely made into LCD devices in computers, with DS TN LCD screens used in early laptops; TFT was used in both laptops (mostly TFT displays) and mainstream desktop displays.

5. Good picture effect: compared with the traditional display screen, TFT LCD screen uses pure flat glass plate from the beginning, its display effect is flat right Angle, let a person have a refreshing feeling. And the liquid crystal display is easier to achieve high resolution on a small area screen, for example, 17 inch liquid crystal display can achieve 1280*1024 resolution, and usually 18 inch CRT color display using 1280*1024 resolution above the picture effect is not completely satisfactory. interface: TFT LCD screens are digital, unlike the cathode ray tube color display using analog interface. In other words, with the TFT LCD screen, the graphics card no longer needs to convert digital signals into analog signals as usual. In theory, this makes both color and positioning more accurate and perfect.

7.Small size: A traditional cathode ray tube display, always dragging a bulky ray tube behind it. The TFT LCD screen breaks through this limit and gives people a brand new feeling. The traditional display sends the electronic beam to the screen through the electronic gun, so the neck of the image tube can not be very short, and when the screen increases, it will inevitably increase the volume of the entire display. The TFT LCD controls the state of the LCD molecules through the electrodes on the display screen. Even if the screen increases, its volume is not proportional to the increase, and it is much lighter in weight than a traditional display with the same display area.

8. small power consumption: the traditional display screen is composed of many circuits, these circuits drive the cathode ray imaging tube work, need to consume a lot of power, and with the increasing volume, the power consumption of its internal circuit will certainly increase. In contrast, TFT LCD displays mainly consume power on their internal electrodes and drive IC, thus consuming much less power than conventional displays.

Post time: Mar-08-2023