2019 LED display industry across reality and the future

Time and tide wait for no man. Whether it is reluctant to leave or want to escape as soon as possible, 2018 has left us and gradually away. In the past year, many changes have taken place in the LED display industry. Affected by the overall economic environment, the industry is facing a severe situation and the internal competition is becoming more and more fierce. New technologies and trends have gradually come into being. The market is changing and the industry is no longer the same.

Ma yun says: master trend, ability wins future. The same is true for the industry. So in the ever-changing and complex industrial environment, what are the foreseeable future? What technologies and products will have a profound impact on screen enterprises?


The development and changes of LED display industry in 2019 will be reflected in the following aspects:
1. Product standardization can rise to the strategic level
Currently, LED display standardized products emphasize that product development is designed according to national or industrial standards, and production is also strictly standardized. For example, “standard” is required from raw material supply to module application, product size and brightness. The future direction of LED display industry requires products to be more efficient, more economical and more reliable, and standardization is the biggest power to promote market expansion and benign development of the industry.
As the insiders said, “as long as the manufacturers guarantee the extremely high performance, quality and related standards, migrant workers can also produce LED products of international level.” Although some exaggeration, but the truth is the same, as long as the whole industrial chain upstream and downstream all manufacturers of LED display device indicators and supporting facilities can strictly comply with the standard, in order to ensure the quality of products, at the same time, can greatly reduce the manufacturing difficulty of some manufacturers. This means that enterprises in the industrial chain will redistribute their industrial layout, re-examine their core advantages, and re-integrate their industrial resources. Screen enterprises should put standardization on the strategic agenda as soon as possible, so as to promote the establishment and implementation of industry “standards”.
2 special application new blue ocean to drive market demand
Upstream chip in the first two years in the industry, packaging and other manufacturers have expansion background, the LED display industry beset in 2018 exceeds the demand under pressure, 2019 May still can’t get rid of excess supply pressure, but with LED display, the Mini LED COB small spacing, ice screen, intelligence quotient, light pole, screen and other special application market gradually accelerated, warming will stimulate demand.
Looking ahead to 2019, growth in the small space will continue, with growth likely to slow further. The biggest reason is that the current small spacing LED screen in the existing advantages of the field of traditional equipment has been close to saturation, in this case, to find a new growth point for the screen enterprise is crucial. With the promotion of various international sports events and “One Belt And One Road” sea policy, the next small space screen enterprises can focus on the development of new markets overseas; At the same time, we constantly improve our technology and products, and expand the application of small space in new areas, such as the cinema market, e-sports market and so on. In 2019, under the background of coexistence of pressure and opportunity, the industry will still show the state of active innovation, and the innovation at all levels will be quite worth looking forward to.
3. Service-oriented after-sales demand of the industry will rise
If the LED display industry market in the past decade was driven by product, price, channel and promotion, then the new decade: product, design, service and experience have also become the core elements of the industry market. In the context of diversified consumption, consumer demand is further activated, and the cognition of products and services will undergo revolutionary changes. They have higher requirements on products, more self-centered on design, and more consumer-centered on service. They pay more attention to experience than to products and prices.
As the most important business of LED display industry, after-sales service oriented by “service” is the most important. In the future market demand, which screen enterprise occupies the commanding height of service first, which screen enterprise can occupy the commanding height of the market. An important fact can not be ignored, that is the current LED display industry as a whole, the level of after-sales service has been low. On the one hand, end-users’ service attitude and service ability requirements for after-sales service personnel continue to improve, while the whole industry’s after-sales service is facing the reality of talent shortage and shortage. On the other hand, the rapid popularization of small spacing and intelligent LED display screen also bring more challenges to service personnel. Especially the intelligent display industry hardware, and the needs of the user set, integration, home appliance service staff can not only understand a kind of, must all have to be proficient.
4. Industrial integration intensifies the differentiated development of screen enterprises
There is no doubt that leading screen enterprises can not only occupy excellent resources in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, but also have strong r&d strength, large production capacity and comprehensive products. In the terminal market, leading enterprises screen brand effect is also continuing to expand. However, this does not mean that smes are completely hopeless. If they cannot be the first, they will be the only. In 2019, I believe that differentiation strategy is still the inevitable choice for many smes.
The LED display market, innovative and other advantage (double) transparent screen, screen, ice jade screen, screen, light pole (double) poster screen, show and so on started to attract different market intelligence quotient, and on the other hand, small and medium enterprises can from the niche of leading enterprises can’t take care of, specialization of one or several kinds of development of new products, take differentiation strategy of “small but beautiful” indiana Jones. In general, the first half of the competition for the LED display industry to achieve the growth of market size and breadth by way of profits has come to an end. Now we are at a critical inflection point, and we need screen enterprises to actively explore the road of survival and development in the future.

Post time: Feb-27-2019